Message from our Founders and Sponsors

Terry McCallister, Chairman & CEO of Washington Gas
I invite you to join us in this effort to make a difference in the lives of some of our neighbors.
Terry McCallister, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
WGL Holdings and Washington Gas
The Washington Area Fuel Fund exemplifies Washington Gas’ — and the WGL family of companies’ — commitment to the communities that we serve. The fund reflects our pledge to be a company that gives its time and resources to organizations and projects that provide essential services to the community. The creation and continued support of WAFF exemplifies the company’s track record of community service.

Since WAFF’s creation more than 30 years ago, Washington Gas pays all administrative and promotional fees while The Salvation Army assists clients and manages the disbursement of the funds.

This ensures that 100% of all donations go to heating assistance. The Salvation Army has a stellar reputation as a dedicated and respected provider of critical and essential services to the community. Another essential part of this strategic alliance rests with the thousands of contributors that donate to WAFF each year. I applaud their commitment and generosity. I invite you to join us in this effort to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

We at The Salvation Army are deeply appreciative of each donation to WAFF and for the generous spirit it reflects.

The Salvation Army is involved in many programs in the area, ranging from homeless shelters and drug treatment, to disaster relief. A program that we are particularly proud to be a part of and that quietly helps so many is the Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF). WAFF was created by Washington Gas and The Salvation Army in 1983 to help those who find themselves in what can become a desperate, even life-threatening situations. Food, water, shelter and heat are equal partners in the social safety net. Studies have shown that the inability to pay winter heating bills is second only to the inability to pay rent or a mortgage as a reason for homelessness. Each winter, many low income households may have to choose between heating and eating, which is why an energy assistance program such as WAFF is so critical.

Since WAFF’s inception, more than 267,000 individuals have been able to heat their homes throughout the winter, no matter what heating fuel source is used.

James & Leisa Hall
Area Commander and Associate Area
Commander of the NCV Division of
The Salvation Army

In a period of economic crises when unemployment is high, job hours are reduced or health benefits lowered, a growing number of individuals and families in the Washington area are being affected by the declining economy. I see it every day in our places of service. WAFF is no exception. We have seen significant increase in applications for fuel assistance. As the need grows, so will the demand upon the fund by people needing help.

Both organizations, while proud of WAFF’s purpose and accomplishments, are aware that donations from people who live in this region also make it a very valuable community resource. WAFF does not receive local or federal government funding. Also, you will appreciate knowing that 100% of every donation goes to help those in need because all administrative costs are covered by Washington Gas. We at The Salvation Army are deeply appreciative of each donation to WAFF and for the generous spirit it reflects.

Awards & Recognitions:

Washington Gas was honored with the William Booth Award from The Salvation Army for its 30-year partnership of WAFF, the Washington Area Fuel Fund. It’s one of The Salvation Army’s highest attainable awards by an individual or company. For 30 years, Washington Gas has partnered with The Salvation Army and pays 100% of the administrative cost so that all contributions can go to those in need of heating assistance.
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