National Geographic – A bear’s-eye view of Yellowstone

We partnered with National Geographic to create a digital storytelling experience that chronicles the journeys of four bears living in Yellowstone park. Following two grizzlies and two black bears using collars equipped with cameras and GPS trackers, researchers and Nat Geo, readers get an unprecedented look at the life of a bear – from a bear’s point of view.

Working with Nat Geo’s team of editors, journalists, producers and researchers, we curated impactful visual content to create an engaging online narrative focused on the distinct paths that each bear roamed. The result is a mobile-first scrolling experience that allows users to navigate through a custom, interactive map.

Combined with expert analysis from researchers Kerry Gunther and Nate Bowers, delivered as intermittent audio captions, we gain a deeper understanding of the bears activity as uncovered by the POV footage and their unique characteristics.