Join with us to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need. 

Blue Jenkins, President & CEO, Washington Gas and WGL Holdings, Inc.

Each year, thousands of our neighbors endure extreme cold in their own homes because they simply can’t afford to pay their energy bills. We created the Washington Area Fuel Fund more than 39 years ago to combat this problem and help people get through the winter months.  

WAFF exemplifies our commitment to the communities we serve and fulfills our pledge to be a company that gives its time and resources to organizations and projects that provide essential services to the community.  Keeping communities warm is a fundamental part of our mission and we are able to further this goal through WAFF.  

WAFF is one of the few charities where every dollar you donate goes straight to someone in need. That’s because Washington Gas pays all administrative and promotional fees of the program. Our respected partner,  The Salvation Armymanages the disbursement of all donated funds working directly with the clients.  This wonderful program can only be successful with your generosity through our strategic partnership.  

On behalf of our many recipients, I thank the thousands of contributors that donate to WAFF each year for their steadfast commitment and generosity.  

I invite you to join us in this work to bring heat to families in need. Thank you for your careful consideration.

Every dollar of your donation goes directly to support WAFF recipients. Make a donation today!


We at The Salvation Army are deeply appreciative of each donation to WAFF and for the generous spirit it reflects.

The Salvation Army is involved in many programs in the area, ranging from homeless shelters and drug treatment to disaster relief. We are particularly proud to be a part of the Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF). Created by Washington Gas and The Salvation Army in 1983, WAFF helps those who find themselves in desperate, sometimes life-threatening situations.

Food, water, shelter, and heat are equal partners in the social safety net. Studies show that the secondary cause of homelessness is the inability to pay winter heating bills, which is only behind the inability to pay rent or a mortgage. Each winter, many vulnerable homes may have to choose between heating and eating. This is why an energy assistance program such as WAFF is so critical.

Since WAFF’s inception, more than 300,000 individuals have been able to heat their homes throughout the winter, no matter what heating fuel source is used.

During periods of economic uncertainty or high unemployment, the first effects people feel are reduced job hours or fewer health benefits. I see it every day in our places of service. When people’s basic needs grow, so does the demand upon the fuel fund.

Donations to WAFF from people who live in this region also make it a very valuable community resource. It is neighbors taking care of neighbors. You will appreciate knowing that 100% of every donation goes to help those in need because all administrative costs are covered by Washington Gas. WAFF does not receive local or federal government funding. It is your donations that make the difference. We at The Salvation Army deeply appreciate each donation to WAFF and for the generous spirit it reflects.

Every dollar of your donation goes directly to support WAFF recipients. Make a donation today!